Amy Shumer learns to cook

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer and husband, Chef Chris Fischer, are quarantined on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, with their baby Gene. Chris prepares meals from their pantry with the help of Amy, who isn’t great in the kitchen but can mix up a great cocktail!

If you haven´t watched it yet, you guys, this is a hilarious show but it was only expected. It just happens, that I started to read her book “Girl with the lower back tattoo” weeks before they announced the cooking show.

After their show last week, I really wanted to make latkes.  I didn´t make the side salad from their show.  It happens that I do not like either fennel or celery 🙂 They made fennel and celery salad alongside the latkes. Do you like fennel?


AMY´s latkes

I did not use raw onions, I was just too lazy to chop them, maybe next time 😉  They turned out awesome anyways!!! So good!

Do you like Amy Shumer?

Have you made latkes? Post your recipe in the comments!


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