May is for Matcha

….or at least that is what I made up anyways. It kind of has a good ring to it. I am sure you have heard about matcha at least once in your lifetime ….. it suppose to be super good for you or at least that is what internet tells us lol


I have written about matcha before in my blog and over the course of several years I have tried to put it into my smoothies and cooking. It wasn´t until my friend Jasmine started up her tea business, when I finally started drinking it as a tea because it was slightly flavoured and not as bitter. I try to drink at least one cup a day now…. but some days I just forget.

Here is my smoothie recipe:

…….and I made mini owl cakes once

When I made a May calendar for Matcha I found a ton of  good recipes all over the internet, that I would like to try. I am especially excited about the energy bites but until I have a working food processor I can´t really make them.

tea with jazz calendar

Jasmine will post 1 recipe in every other day, you can follow her on FB “Tea with Jass”.

I did make the Banana coconut muffins the other day, under May 3rd but to be honest, I have never been a huge plane muffin fan. I prefer to have a filling in it or a  glaze on top. Nevertheless, they were good muffins and tasted a lot like my owl cakes.

The recipe is from a lovely Tonya Staab, she has so many good recipes. You should really visit her page, I got lost for hours.  Just an awesome blog with good vibes!



I made 2 different shapes, I am obsessed with the doughnut shape and it tastes the same as in the muffin pan, so doesn´t really matter 🙂

Are you a MATCHA fan? How do you use it? What´s your favourite recipe with matcha, I would love to know!!!!




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