Day 3 of my Covid diet

It´s very hard to pull yourself together and diet during the time you are at home and there is nothing else to do to than watch tv and eat. Because you´ve done all the cleaning, all the organizing and all the re-arranging your furniture.

It´s day 3 and I have managed to stick to my original diet plan although last night I wanted to rip open that Lay´s chips package and just stuff my face 🙂 I have done an omelet in the afternoons with the mound of vegetables and a salad on dinner time. I don´t eat in the morning, just 2 coffees are my breakfast and sometimes a banana.

Let me post some pictures of my delicious breakfasts 😉 I forgot how good an omelet tastes like!


Breakfast nr 1 – asparagus, tomatoes, avocado and 2 eggs.


Breakfast nr 2 – Arugula, cucumber, pickles, tomato and 2 eggs, few marinated beets


Breakfast nr 3 – Asparagus, half an avocado, tomatoes, 2 eggs

  • Dinner pictures tomorrow

What do you eat for breakfast/brunch?

How do you keep yourself from overeating during Covid-19?

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