Tough times – Covid 19

How are you? Are you staying safe and healthy? Have you been washing your hands like a crazy person? Do you have a hand sanitizer in every corner of your home? I do.

I haven´t worked for a little over 2 weeks now, I miss work, I miss the structure of my day and I miss not having co-workers who inspire me to eat healthy.  Who would of ever thought I would say that I miss work 🙂  I am sure there are a lot of people who think the same way right now.

Covid-19 has made us stay home, not go out.  I miss outdoors, I miss going for a walk in my favourite conservation area.  Going for a drive is the new highlight of my day 🙂

I keep on opening my fridge just out of boredom, eating all the bad food, sitting on the sofa, and not moving my body all day. Well, only to walk from the living room to the kitchen for some more food 🙂  I have gained a significant amount of weight in just 2 weeks. Who knew?  I have always been relatively good maintaining my weight but right now I am completely out of control.


There is a reason why I opened my blog today, it´s been almost 2 years since my last post. I challenge myself to eat only salads for a week for a lunch and dinner. Breakfast is reserved for eggs and veggies.

Who is with me?

I started this morning, I have been good, so far 🙂


I made scrambled eggs with asparagus this morning, with an avocado and tomatoes. I can eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are you staying home because of Covid-19? How do you prevent yourself from over eating? How do you not pick up a bag of chips or make muffins or any other yummy dessert? So hard…..


This is a dessert I made for Easter. It was so good, we managed to eat all of them in 2 days 🙂

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