Tooth Extraction

I got my tooth pulled a week ago and now 7 days later I am starting to feel like a human again. The healing process is taking a little bit longer since my tooth had an infection. I was hoping to keep the tooth for longer and did not want to loose it but in the end the tooth infection won.


For the last minute I tried to convince the dentist that maybe it is a very bad idea to pull out an inflamed tooth and started coming up with “good ideas” but he was not really listening and probably knew that I did not want to let go just yet.

My regular dentist was not there that day, instead it was this very young and sexy dentist so I was very embarrassed when the tears started to flow when he started pulling the tooth. I kept on apologizing until I stepped out of the dentist office and he kept on saying how good I was doing. I think he might be a kids dentist because he did such a good job with making me feel good about being such a crybaby.

Anyways, I have been on jello/pudding diet for most of the week. First 2 days I was unable to speak and my husband was kinda happy about it lol Just kidding lol But we did communicate through hangouts app or paper and pen.


I had a birthday on Sunday and I can say it was the worst birthdays ever when you consider I could not really eat or drink. I had planned on making this cake that looked like a wine bottle. I was so excited to make it! But that did not happen. I guess I need to re-celebrate my birthday when I have healed.

My dentist said it will heal with 4 weeks and then in 6 months I can start thinking about implant. I can´t wait! I guess I will start the process in January.

Do you have dramatic experiences at the dentist?

Share a pictures of your favourite birthday cake!!!

Lately I just haven´t baked that much, I need your help to inspire me…… 😉


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