Grow tomatoes from a slice – myth or not?

I saw a picture on Pinterest that you  can grow your tomatoes from a slice, so I wanted to test if it works. There was nothing to loose! I only transferred one of the plants to my greenhouse as an “experiment”.

IMG_20170801_0914447.jpgA lot of people had disbelief and were laughing at me for doing it but I had to know if it works. I am curious that way!   IMG_20180516_1508038.jpg

I have to admit they were very weak at first, I did not think that they will make it and I also didn´t separate any of them for the same reason. They are weaker than the other plants but all of it was experimental so I feel it was all worth it!


Now the plants are  at least 4-5 feet tall and there are many blossoms on them.


We had a little accident a few weeks back and this particular tomato plant got injured and I was so worried it´ll die BUT this morning I saw the first tomatoes forming from the blossoms.


O´happy day!!!! I am so super excited!


And apparently my dog is too haha She just jumped on top of the raised garden bed this morning checking out my brussel sprouts!


My little assistant 🙂

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