My first greenhouse

When we moved to the country, I was so excited about my own little greenhouse. I was planning it from the month of January, and it was still 5 months to go. The winter storms and the cold continued almost to the time we started to put together the planter boxes. It was very exciting times.





I drew plans and discovered that even plants have friends and foes.  Did you know that tomatoes and cucumbers hate each other while growing but taste so awesome in a salad together 🙂 SURPRISE!!!

The idea that some plants and plant families are “friends” with others and grow better together is called companion planting, and it’s been around since the dawn of food cultivation. This was so very interesting to me and I leaned a lot. Also watching the plants grow and develop has been amazing and I know what to do better next year!

IMG_20180704_091528.jpg  I did not plant tomatoes far enough from each other and now it looks like a forest of tomatoes in the greenhouse 🙂 This was one of the things I know how to fix for next year!


If we only harvest tomatoes from our greenhouse this year, it would be still win-win. The first little harvest that we did was string beans. We only bought one plant and it already has given us a handful. We only bought the one plant as a “Lets see how it grows”. We have decided, next year we will be buying more string beans plants. Looks like it grows really good.


And just now I read that I would have to pollinate my squash blossoms by hand. That will be interesting.


As I see we only have male blossoms. Not sure if I can play a match maker to get at least one squash out of it. Made me so sad.


Squash blossoms are so beautiful but so far they just fall off and no squash in site.


Also we have a ton of snails in the greenhouse. They are completely loving the buffet in there. I have thrown out many lettuces already. So sad. I guess we can´t grow lettuce here.

I just love my little greenhouse…..every morning I go open the greenhouse and it feels so amazing to see the progress that has happened overnight! My babies…… 😉

2 thoughts on “My first greenhouse

  1. I had no idea that tomatoes and cucumbers don’t grow well together, that explains why the cucumbers are not doing well! Will need to move it next year. My zucchini plant has majority male but I did see one zucchini starting! It’s so exciting!

    • Yeah I didn´t know any of it as well, had to research it 😉 Weird about the female and male blossoms, right 🙂 Who would of guessed!

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