Midsummer bonfire with bbq

Midsummer is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice. Estonian celebrate the midsummer day on the Eve of 23rd of June. It´s a big party day! Since 1934, June 23 is also national Victory Day of Estonia and both 23rd and 24th are holidays and flag days.

Some of the rituals of Jaanipäev (Jaan´s Day) have very strong folkloric roots. The best-known midsummer ritual is the lighting of the bonfire and jumping over it. It´s also a day for bbq and alcoholic beverages, people gather for big concerts all over the country, enjoy the music and socialize.


For the first time ever we were able to celebrate this day in Canada since we moved to the country. It was really hard to find a place in Toronto, to have a celebratory fire! It was a good night, our first festivities for JAANIPÄEV!!! Especially I was excited about food! I usually don´t eat meat, except for fish but a couple of times a year I allow myself to eat meat! Can´t really make a fish kebab……

tuli 2.jpg

We bought our grill a couple of days earlier and I prepared the marinade for the chicken 3 days earlier. I have posted this recipe before:


tuli 3.jpg

I also made Estonian potato salad:


tuli 4.jpg

How did you celebrate the beginning of the summer? We have waited long enough and now its finally here…..

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