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I haven´t posted a lot for the past year.  So much has been going on, and I have been battling a mild depression that my brainwaves were creating because of my thoughts 🙂  I went to see a chiropractor a little over a year ago, and he managed to fuck up my hips.  I was in a lot of pain and it made me so incredibly sad that one human being could do that to another. It made and still makes me sad to see all the evilness and badness in people.  I see it every day, and I´m sure you do too. Rude and unfiltered people are the the worst and it will be past on from one generation to another because I see that too every day since I have worked with kids all day long. That is what makes me depressed. Other than worrying about my own well being I am concentrating on world problems….is that very stupid?

The US election shows very clearly what we will be dealing with from now on, bullying, rude behavior, badmouthing, ignorance will start being normal. It starts with one country and others will follow.


It makes me incredibly sad when I see somebody kick their dog. I cry when I see a dead squirrel and I root for them when they cross the street when a car is coming. I can´t watch animal planet because I can´t watch lions chase deer. I can´t watch a snake swallow a mouse. But then again I eat meat. Does that makes any sense? Maybe this is a subject for another blog entry…?


Anyways, what I wanted to say was, I will be changing my blog from a cooking blog to a lifestyle blog. I will be posting rants, what I think of stuff, book-, food-, restaurant reviews, DIY and everything else I can think of. Changes. Maybe I´m having a midlife crises and I might write about that. I just finished a psychology course and I might wright about that too since we had an amazing teacher and I learnt a lot. I might post pictures of my paintings which is my new hobby to keep me occupied and not thinking about negative stuff. Most of them are available to buy and some of them are already sold.


I have yet not found the perfect name, but I will let you know as soon as I know. Until then…


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