Eat this and lose belly fat

Once in a while after a weekend of eating crap food, in my case chips, I do a health food week or two. I buy a ton of belly fat fighting fruits and vegetables because that´s where it all goes, into my belly 🙂 It´s really unfortunate that we can´t just eat all the time and everything we desire 🙂 I really love food!
 I guess I should mention I don’t like to work out. I honestly really want to in my mind but it is really hard taking that first step. I´m trying. Soon it will be spring and there are so many opportunities for me to work out during the day while working so I can´t wait for the warmer weather so I can take out my bike. I do a quick yoga session every morning but I don´t really count that as exercise. I´m really looking forward to taking my bike out for a spin!
diet 1
Here is my way how to just look good in your mid section just with eating! Keep in mind these are actually the foods that I can eat with my food allergies and food intolerances. It is working for me, it takes time, discipline and also a lot of water 🙂 I´m really used to just snacking while watching tv after work and I feel the need to eat, sometimes I can´t resist and I will go get my almonds or prunes out but the other times when I´m smart I will just get a bottle of water.
 The foods that work for my belly: avocado, raspberries, blueberries, apples, pineapple, cantaloupe, sweet potato, feta, peanut butter, plane yogurt, green tea, almonds, asparagus. So I just mix and match for a week and then I can eat a bag of chips again 🙂 Honestly I have been trying to avoid buying any chips lately. When you don´t have it in your home, you can´t eat it!
My latest obsession is PRUNES. I love the texture and the taste. I always have a pack of prunes in my purse, in case I get hungry! I find prunes to be like a quick diet pill because they are natural laxative and prevent over eating 😉
I used to do water days but now it´s way too extreme, I don´t think I am able to handle it with all the delicious food in sight! I usually eat because I love food not because I´m hungry.
We made a pact with hubby last week that after work we only eat salad and nothing heavy because we have gained some weight over the winter and I´m tired of feeling like a Michelin man 🙂 I´m not saying it´s a bad look but it´s not the look I´m comfortable with. He has never taken part of my dieting obsession and I´m so thankful he is supporting me this time, it makes everything so much easier. Usually it was like this, he eating chips and I´m drinking water and lettuce 🙂
I made this amazing chicken salad the other day, it was so good!!! I mixed ice berg lettuce, spinach – arugula mix, baked chicken breast pieces together, made a salad dressing of balsamic vinegar, veganese and plain yogurt plus a little salt and sugar. Topped it with Parmesan and walnuts.
 What is your secret for losing belly fat?

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