Gluten free bread from the box

For the longest time, I have tried to make my own soft and yummy gluten free bread that would actually taste like bread but I did not succeed. I did bake a few good tasty breads, but not one of them was actually what I have been used to (I loved the soft Dempsters bread)  until I found Glutino, Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich bread. Of course I was skeptical at first, especially because it promises the bread to be moist and delicious 🙂

Glutino 1

I have done 3 loafs of bread now and it is everything that they promise. I make a loaf and then I freeze two pieces together for future breakfasts 😉 I have never been a huge fan of bread anyways and I mostly only eat it with peanut butter and banana.

Glutino 4

I don´t use eggs in the recipe, I use egg replacer because I can´t have eggs in my diet.

Glutino 3

You can basically find it in every grocery store, I usually buy it from NoFrills. It´s easy to make in the bread machine or in the oven, there are 2 recipes on the box.

Glutino 2

I have never looked for any other bread again, this one is my favorite! I am so happy happy that I came across this bread!

not gluten free

And here is a flour that I don´t believe is gluten free.  Every time I have cooked with this flour, I have gotten a stomach ache and have had to throw away 2 cakes so far. If you are gluten free, I will not suggest you buy it! Just a friendly warning. It´s called Namaste, it was not cheap and I regret buying it. I was just so tired of mixing the flours, I wanted an easy way out and here is what I got. So disappointed, had to throw it out, I just can´t use it. If you have had a different experience with this flour, please, let me know!

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