Fast mix and match

Last night, very tired, I had to use everything in my fridge that would possibly go bad in the near future, and also something that I could make very quickly!

blog 4

I took out portobello mushrooms, leftover rice, broccoli, blue cheese and sliced turkey breast. A little bit of minced garlic and salt.

blog 2

I steamed the broccoli for 5 minutes, added a little bit of rice and garlic.  While that was steaming, I washed the portobellos, removed the black layer from underneath the mushroom. Cut 4 cubes of blue cheese and put them inside the mushroom.  On top of the cheese a slice of turkey breast, the broccoli mixture layer and cheddar cheese on top!

blog 3

Off to the oven for 375 F for 10 minutes!

blog 5

It was quick, very delicious, and I emptied the fridge! It was done under 30 minutes and I could just turn on the tv and relax 😉

I´m all about easy 🙂

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