Potato vodka

It has been a totally new eating experience as well as a totally new drinking experience (not that I do it very often). Apparently there is either yeast or wheat in almost every alcoholic beverage.

Many alcoholic beverages contain gluten. Beers made with hops and barley are off limits to gluten-intolerant people because they contain gluten. The good news for some people is that some types of alcohol are gluten-free. Not good news for me because there is still brewer’s yeast in the beer and I still can’t drink beer. Sad. If anybody knows a beer that is wheat and yeast free, please let me know! I love beer.


The Hot Plate says people with high sensitivity to gluten may still have a reaction to Gin, Vodka and Whiskey because not all distillation processes are thorough enough to remove all gluten, and some alcohols add a grain mash after distillation for flavor or color.

The safest bet for gluten-intolerant people is to abstain from alcohol or stick to wine, champagne and gluten-free beer. The sad news is I don’t really like wine, I have never liked wine, believe me, I have tried 🙂

So if there is no wheat, there is yeast, so there is no “safe” alcohol for me, or so I think. I have googled for weeks and this is what I have come up with – Potato vodka!


We wrote to a few companies (Molson being one of them) who produce cider and they said that they don’t use brewers yeast, they use champagne yeast, and that the yeast has been filtered out. After getting this reply I’m a still little hesitant.

I am fairly new at this Food Intolerance subject, so I will be happy if you’d be able to give me any advice because I really don’t like to drink this vodka all the time 🙂 I really would rather enjoy a beer.

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