Tomato-less ketchup

The verdict is in. I received my Food Intolerance Test results and seems to me that my body does not like food that is not good. My body only likes healthy foods 🙂 IMG_20150805_195102 I need to quit all breads, pastries, muffins, basically anything with wheat, yeast, eggs, malt, soy. And I love pistachios and butternut squash, these 2 are the ones I´m a bit sad but I will survive! I didn´t take the time to feel sorry for myself, I took that as an opportunity to invent new recipes and to eat healthier. I can still eat meat, fruits and vegetables. That is a good thing! Meat was actually the only group, that I can have without any bad effect on my body. But the thing is I only eat chicken, and sometimes pork, so doesn´t matter 🙂 I guess I need to mention that besides this, I have a considerable list of food allergies as well (beans, cabbage, tomato, corn, rye, orange, chocolate, garlic, shell fish, cucumber, honey, kiwi and lemon) 🙂 My first allergy related challenge was to make ketchup without tomatoes. You would think this is impossible and that is what I thought at first! BUT after a fun google search I felt much more confident that I can pull this off. I just did a small patch so I can be sure that it´s gonna be tasty! IMG_0025 Makes half a pint/ 1 CUP of ketchup.


1 cup carrots (2 medium carrots)

2/3 cup red beets (2 small beets)

1/2 cup onions (1 small-medium onion)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp clove IMG_0002 Peel the carrots, beets and onion and cut into cubes. Bring water (about 1 cup) to boil in a medium sauce pan and add the vegetables. Boil for  20-25 minutes, until ingredients are tender. IMG_0009 I used the food processor to puree the vegetables. When they are pureed, add vinegar, maple syrup and spices. Mix well. IMG_0012 It didn´t liquefy the mix enough so for the second stage I used my Ninja Nutri Bullet to make the puree more liquidy. IMG_0018 Finally return the mixture to sauce pan and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for another 30 minutes, mixing it once in a while. IMG_0022 Transfer into a small mason jar for storage or use right away! Yes, I was so skeptical about this and in the end I was so pleasantly surprised. It tasted like ketchup for sure but it was even better than ketchup 🙂 So here it is, my first recipe after my test results. There will be many more and I´m very inspired and motivated to try more interesting recipes. Specifically, I would like to try no yeast, no wheat, no egg bread 😉 Feel free to share a recipe with me, if you have a good one!

11 thoughts on “Tomato-less ketchup

    • Thank you! Do you think I could use rice or buckwheat flour? Is bicarbonate soda, the regular soda or different? I like that recipe! Looks easy 😉

      • Yes, I think baking soda and bicarbonate soda are the same (not the same as baking powder though which has extra chemicals in to help create that rise in cakes etc) The box should only have one ingredient on it! As for flour, I wouldn’t go 100% rice – it might turn out a bit … solid! Buckwheat sounds ok, so may be try 30% rice and 70% buckwheat? Grains as Mains by Laura Agar Wilson has a great introduction to cereals and flours – amaranth, teff, kamut etc etc. It might help you find some flours that you’re not allergic or intolerant too 🙂

      • Thank you, very helpful! I’m still trying to figure out what all the wheat-less flours are for 😉 Made some buckwheat pancakes this morning – delicious!!!! 😉

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