About a year ago I wrote HERE about my allergies and that I have ignored all my small allergies.  Well that just came back to bite me in the butt. Almost since that time I have struggling with bloating and stomach aches.  Lately it has been so bad that I didn’t want to do anything and I felt very sad all the time. This is one reason why I haven’t written my blog for so long.


The other reason is that over the last month we had a ton of visitors and then we had a little roadtrip on our own but now I’m back and I would like to start writing my blog again. Blog entries are going to be different, they are going be bean, cabbage, chocolate, corn, cucumber, garlic, honey, kiwi, orange, rye, tomato and shellfish FREE. This is my full allergy list that I have ignored because I love everything in this list. LOVE. And need to let go now. It is going to be very hard. At least I’m not allergic to bacon or bananas 🙂 Or at least I don’t know it yet. I have my big allergy blood/hair test on Tuesday. For what I know, there are 400 items in the list. It is quite possible, I would need to give up also wheat, milk and eggs, but I don’t know it yet. My new favourite cucumber replacement is zucchini. I have no idea how I will live my life without beans and tomato but I will have to. Any idea how I can replace tomato? You have to keep in mind that I’m also allergic to peppers 🙂 So it is gonna be hard to replace it with something else.


This blog will turn into a “cooking with allergies” blog. It will be a challenge and I will be looking forward to hearing from other people with the same allergies.


Good news is my health will be good again, I’m very hopeful! So here it is my promise to me, and to you that I will start cooking again and taking pictures and posting 😉 I´ll need to get myself out of lazyland 🙂

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