Spaghetti squash with mashed potatoes

I really like butternut squash, so I’ve wondered what spaghetti squash would taste like. This was my first time making it.


Dinner for 2

Prep time 20 min + 60 min for baking

1 spaghetti squash

spices, oil or butter

4 potatoes

1 pound ground beef

5-6 big broccoli florets


Spaghetti squash is really easy to bake. Just cut it in half, take the seeds out, spray with oil, add your favourite spices and put it in the oven. What can be easier?

Bake in a 400°F oven until the squash is tender, 50-60 minutes, depending on size.

IMG_0437I decided to make a mashed potato filling with broccoli and ground chicken. Just fry ground chicken, steam broccoli and make mashed potatos. Mix everything together.

collageWhen the spaghetti squash is ready, just fill it with mashed potato mix.

I really did not like it. The texture was so weird and although it was interesting, I probably will never make it again. Rob didn´t like it as well. But butternut squash is so delicious. Will make it again tonight! Yummy!

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