Happy Easter

I was looking at the cooking fails images on Pinterest today, where expectations and reality are completely different things. When you are creating art with food, you need a lot of practice (and patience). Well, I do anyways! If I get lucky, I’ll get it right the first time! Over the years I have had my share of fails, fails that have made me cry and totally miserable. Especially when this creation has been for somebody else.

IMG_0138Today we wanted to make Easter egg chicks.  I don’t ever like to read instructions, so I didn’t read any today, I just looked at cute pictures on Pinterest as reference. When we were done, we laughed so hard because our egg chicks were far from perfect, and one of them was a total fail 🙂 We were trying to do an “Easter egg cook off” – We would each make 3 eggs.  Rob made his “chick head” material too liquidy and so it looked like his chick was out in the sun too long 🙂 Be aware of the sun in the summer.  Can you spot Rob’s chick below?IMG_0159Our egg whites where so thick today! I have never encountered such thick egg whites. It was so hard to put the top on without tipping the chick over because of the heaviness. IMG_0172Anyways, not everything turns out awesome for the first time, but they are still cute, right 🙂

Happy Easter!

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