A cake to celebrate Estonian Independence Day

The Republic of Estonia was founded on 24 February 1918, when the Salvation Committee declared the independence of the Republic of Estonia. This date was celebrated as Independence Day until the Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1940.

On 24 February 1989, the red flag of Soviet Estonia was replaced by the blue-black-white Estonian national flag on Toompea, and since that time, Independence Day has been celebrated once again as a public holiday. This year Estonia will celebrate the 97th anniversary of the declaration of state independence. *Picture is from the Estonian song Festival, 2014

RSP_0885And to celebrate this important day, I made a humble little cake and also submitted it to a cooking competition.

Blue-black-white are the Estonian flag colours.  The swallow, folk dancing and corn flowers are Estonian symbols, so here is my inspiration.

Blue (blue sky) is made with blueberries

Black (earth/soil) is from Oreo cookie crumbs

White (purity) made with mini marshmallows

IMG_0653I used a lemon cake mix, added cocoa and blue food colouring for the inside, the blue changed it colour to green when baking 🙂 I made ricotta-whipped cream icing and added it to the middle and to the top. In the middle I also added fresh crushed cranberries.





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