Liver Pâté

First, HAPPY SHROVE TUESDAY! My day started with sledding. Sledding is popular custom in Estonia for Shrove Tuesday because the length of the slide down an icy hill is said to predict the level of success the sledder will have in the following year. Based on that, I will have a great year 🙂 Estonians most widely celebrate Shrove Tuesday with foods like pea soup and buns with whipped cream which I pretty much covered in the beginning of February HERE.

What a beautiful morning it was! 😉

10amIMG_0121Yesterday I made Pâté. It might not look too appetizing, but this spreadable paste is quite yummy and I love it! I prefer it with rye bread rather than white bread but that is really a personal preference! I don’t love the pâté from the store, I love the one that I make. I’m picky with my food, that’s why we don’t eat out too often but you knew that already 🙂

You would think that it is very difficult to make but it is actually super easy. I have done it like this for years and it turns out great every time! This is a very Estonian recipe 😉

IMG_0514Makes 12 little pâtés


1 onion

2 pounds beef liver

1 big carrot

3 tbsp for frying + 10 tbsp softened butter for later

salt, pepper

Cut onions and liver into pieces. Fry onions in butter for a few minutes and then add the cut up liver.

Brown the liver, fry on high for 2 minutes each side or until you don’t see raw red colour any more. Add enough water to almost cover cubes of liver.

IMG_0488Add chopped carrots. Simmer in low/medium for an hour, first 45 minutes use the lid and then remove it for the 15 minutes.

IMG_0491Now using the food processor or meat grinder, shred/puree the liver until it’s nice and smooth and fluffy, while also adding leftover liquid, carrots and butter to it. Most of the liquid has evaporated by that time but there should be about 1/4 cup left.

IMG_0499Adjust to taste by adding salt and pepper. You can also add a little ground nutmeg or brandy but I prefer it just like this. Pour into small molds.

IMG_0508Refrigerate until ready to serve, about an hour. I should really start making it more often.

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