IKEA Restaurant

We went to IKEA a couple weeks back. I love IKEA. I love their restaurant and I love what they sell. Going to Ikea is like a whole day festival 🙂 There was a time in my life when I ate their breakfast and lunch almost once a week. I mean, the price is right and the food is good! It’s not gourmet food but I’m a European and this is my place when I want to feel at home 🙂

Restaurant. For breakfast (1 dollar!!!!!) you can have scrambled eggs, two sausages (which I don’t eat) and hash browns. It’ s not the healthiest, yes, but it just tastes so good!  It’s still better than McDonalds, calorie wise 🙂

When I took pictures with my camera, there was, I guess a manager, who came and NOT very politely asked me to not take pictures and to put my camera away. He also said to delete these images. I don’t think I could of captured a lot of secret ingredients with my camera….so I did not understand why. I mean people take pictures with their phones all the time and they might even have better quality. That really didn’t make me happy.

So despite what happened I think I have a right to post these images because there was no signs saying that photography was not allowed. I’m not going to judge Ikea because of one “beep” who had a bad day!

IMG_0002I like their lunch menu.  There’s something for everybody, but usually we go there for meatballs. This time I ordered salmon. I loved the salmon and potato cakes but the vegetables were a little raw for my taste, but I loved the colours on my plate. What a great picture 🙂 Besides hot meals, you can always get a wrap, a sandwich or a salad. I must say, they have an amazing smoked salmon there. You have to try it!

IMG_0034Rob of course stayed true to his heart and got meatballs, served with mashed potatoes, sauce and lingonberry jam. There is a grocery store where you can purchase everything from the restaurant. They have the meatballs, salmon, sauces, jams, cakes, spices etc. I have often bought a meatball combo, meatballs, quick mashed potatoes, sauce powder and the lingonberry jam. Lingonberries are known as mountain cranberries or partridge berries in North America. It has a sweet and sour taste at the same time. I love it, I can put it on my bread or pancakes as well.

IMG_0032IMG_0020Their dessert section is very tempting but I’m not a huge cake fan and if I do have a cake, I want it to be freshly baked but their cakes are usually baked from frozen and you can taste it. The only great cake there is the almond butterscotch cake…mmmm 🙂 Delicious! It’s just different and you can’t taste that it has been frozen.

IMG_0013I made an exception this time because of you, dear blog readers and got a dessert. I got a cheesecake with blueberries and Rob got an apple pie! It was edible but not my taste! But, try it yourself! I mean Rob, who usually doesn’t eat any desserts, finished the apple cake, so that means something!

IMG_0037I love the fact that kids can eat so cheap, for 2.99 they will have a lunch plate, a drink, yoghurt and a bag of apples. And then, after lunch, you can send them off to play in Ikea’s playroom which is completely free! Kids usually can’t wait to get there 🙂

This was not my last visit to IKEA, and that was not my last meal there, although it takes almost an hour to get there! That’s commitment!


3 thoughts on “IKEA Restaurant

  1. Whenever I go to IKEA I always contemplate having something besides a drink, but I just can’t. I am such a visual eater that I would be turned off by all of that gravy drowning the food or that the salmon was white and not pink anymore. I may enjoy it with my eyes closed but then whats the point. The dessert looked much better to my eye.

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