Shrove Tuesday and Pea soup with sausages

Although it´s not Shrove Tuesday yet, I felt like making pea soup and this time I was making it a little bit different. Well, the only difference really is that instead of ham I´m making it with fried sausages 🙂

In Estonia Shrove Tuesday is called Vastlapäev (this year on Feb 17th) and is generally celebrated by eating pea soup and whipped-cream filled sweet-buns called vastlakukkel. Everybody will go sledding on this day and compete on the longest slide! It’s fun! In Canada Shrove Tuesday is known as “Pancake Tuesday” due to the tradition of eating pancakes on this day. I will go with the Estonian custom this year and we’ll be eating pea soup and whipped cream buns 😉 If there is snow I will find a place to sled!


PREP+COOKING TIME: 15 minutes of prep time + 3 hours cooking time


2 cups yellow split peas

2 cups green split peas

1 onion

3 big carrots


2 sausages

Start with washing your peas, using a bowl wash them until the foamy water is all gone.

peasPour 3 liters of water into a larger pot and add the washed peas and turn it on medium-low. Add a teaspoonful of salt. You don’t want it boiling, just simmering.It will take about 3 hours to be ready. If at any time you feel like adding more liquid, meaning water, you may do so.

Cut the carrots into cubes and peal an onion. You can throw the whole onion into the pot right now or you can do it after 2 hours. It will take about an hour for the onion to get soft and then I just scoop it out.

IMG_0806Now you have some options. I usually puree the onion, but if you don’t have that option, just cut the onion into cubes and add it to the soup, without softening it first like I did.

IMG_0817Same thing with the carrots, you can boil the carrots with the soup or separately. I boiled them separately because I like my carrots semi soft not totally mashed. Anyways, in the end all the ingredients should be combined together one way or another.

I fried up some cheddar cheese sausages and added them on top when I served!

I love pea soup, it’s not anything special or fancy and you can’t call it a gourmet meal but it is 1. easy to make 2. cheap 3. tasty!

edit-1And this is home made Vastlakukkel from last year 🙂vastlakukkelVery easy to make, if you already have the buns!

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