Argentinian dish and the flu

Some recipes speak louder than the others, especially the ones that have all your favorite ingredients together. I found this recipe from a very cool website.  I found it a while back and suggested an Estonian hangover cure and they published my sauerkraut soup. Be sure to check out this website, you will especially like this page if you´re a drinker 🙂

I can’t take all of the credit for re-making this recipe because unfortunately I got the flu, out of nowhere, it started so sudden. It’s the most horrible feeling when every inch of your body is aching, your neck is so stiff, you are scared of the light like a vampire and you are too tired to lift a spoon to eat that chicken soup; or lift that tea cup because you need your fluids. The first few days were really bad. Today is the first day I almost feel human again, I hope it will last throughout the day but I don´t really think it will…I can already feel that I´m becoming a vampire while writing this blog entry….

I’ll probably be contagious for few more days and I shouldn’t go out and pass my flu around but there are things I need to do when I get back on my feet, means when I don’t have the fever any more and when my bones stop hurting!!!

So back to food…I very much wanted to make this Argentinian dish but I just physically couldn’t so Rob took over and finished what I started. I can take the credit for peeling the potatoes and showing the recipe and then going back to bed to sleep.

IMG_0580FROM: LORDS OF THE DRINKS, Argentinian hangover cure

It’s not exactly the same recipe because we didn’t have all the right ingredients (like 500 ml of oil) but it is very similar.

3 yellow potatoes
oil for frying
4 thin slices ham/sliced chicken breast
3 large eggs
Salt and pepper/ cheese is optional

IMG_0550Because Rob bought ham that contained honey (by mistake ) which I’m allergic to, he used sliced chicken breast in my meal instead.

SERVES: 3-4 people

PREP+COOKING TIME: 20 minutes for prep plus 30 min for cooking.

Cut your potatoes into small strips, we used mandolin (our new purchase btw) for it. Fry them. You will need to do it in several batches.  It took some time or so Rob said 🙂

IMG_0569Cut ham into strips, set aside.

IMG_0558Scramble the eggs until they are almost done, then add the potatoes and meat. Cook for few minutes to heat everything.

IMG_0570We also sprinkled a little shredded cheese on top of it. Everything tastes better with cheese.

IMG_0584How did it turn out: Although I was in another land when I tasted this meal and my taste buds weren’t working correctly I can tell this was a winning dish.

Rob´s comment: LOVED IT!! I will definitely make it again.

And….please stay healthy and don´t get the big bad flu!

2 thoughts on “Argentinian dish and the flu

  1. This is amazing. Love what you did with the recipe. As a Dutchman I am of course a big fan of adding cheese.
    Also hope you feel better soon. Although it’s probably also nice to be taken care of. All the best,

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