So with the new year we all have our New Years resolutions. Right? Mine was to add some structure to my blog, so I started researching all my cookbooks at home to see what kind would fit into my blog and me. You might ask what kind of structure that I want to add to my blog, well it’s prep time, cooking time, and how many servings. Around here, it’s usually 2 servings plus leftovers.  If it’s really good, zero leftovers.  Calorie and nutritional information might be going a little overboard 🙂  Below, some images of my cookbook structure research.

IMG_0373This recipe with pictures HERE

The result amazed me because there was only one with very detailed information.

IMG_0371What kind of blogs do you like? Do you like the very detailed blog posts or it doesn’t matter as long as the recipes are great? What makes a great blog?

IMG_0379I don´t think there is really a right or wrong way of writing a blog, I guess overtime you just find your rhythm and dance to it 😉 Sometimes the rhythm just changes 🙂

So in my next blog entry you will see what I picked for me 😉


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