Crafts and cherry chocolate bread

I got myself a great idea last night, crochet a rug from plarn. Plarn is a yarn made out of plastic bags. This is so exciting, now we are going to collect a lot of plastic bags and get to work. There are some amazing references on the internet. It´s just amazing what you can do out of recycled materials. You can pretty much use everything – cans, books, milk, egg cartons, bottle caps, cereal, cookie, pasta boxes etc. AMAZING! I have done a lot of crafts with kids out of recycled materials plus we have a few pencil holders at home made out of cans. But the thought of making a rug is just so cool! Have you made something cool out of recycled materials? Share it with me….I would like to see!

Now back to the food because it is a food blog after all. I´m not really addicted to sweets and I don´t really care about candy that much, and I can´t eat a whole container of ice-cream at once. I just can´t, I´m built this way 🙂 BUT sometimes I really have the need to pop something sweet in my mouth. Mostly a piece of cake or a few cookies, that´s my limit 🙂

IMG_0177I had a bag of frozen cherries and blueberries in the freezer, also some fresh cranberries. I only had a basic bread recipe in my hands.  At first I wanted to add all of these in the bread-cake, but then decided that cherries go good with chocolate and decided to add cocoa and cherries only. Next time I will add some chocolate chips to it, you can actually add them right now, if you are a chocolate lover!

4 eggs

125 g sugar

120 g flour

150 g melted butter

little bit of salt (pinch)

1 tsp orange extract, or any other extract, that´s your call

3 tsp cocoa

1,5 cup cherries, in my case frozen

Beat eggs with sugar till fluffy, add flour, melted butter, salt and cocoa. Mix.

IMG_1322Cut cherries in half. Finally add the cherries by hand, otherwise they will break.

IMG_1325Put the batter in the loaf pan and cook it 350 F for an hour or until the inserted toothpick will come out clean.

IMG_1346This cherry chocolate bread was very delicious! I ate it very fast. It was awesome with plain yoghurt but you can eat it with ice-cream or caramel sauce or whatever you love!

I tried baking muffins with this recipe but the muffins did not turn out as good.

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