Rice salad

I haven´t posted anything recently because I´ve been battling a stomach bacteria, and I have been banned from eating so many of my favourite foods, so I have decided to publish one of my “reserve” posts. I mean as a blogger you should always have one waiting for you in the drafts section, just in case, right?


I haven´t done my rice salad for awhile now, but this is one of my favourite salads, alongside potato salad. Macaroni salad not so much!


Serves 3-5 people.

1,5 cup boiled rice, packed

1 package fake crab meat *which I love very much Or you can just use the real thing

1 cucumber, medium or large

3 egg whites *boiled

1 can corn

1/2 mayonnaise

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 tsp salt

3-4 tblsp evaporated milk *optional, this makes the salad more creamier.

IMG_0075Boil your rice. I had it pre-cooked.  1,5 cup measured when cooked.

Boil eggs. Separate the egg yolks. I´m not a big fan of egg yolks so I don´t often use them. But feel free to add the yolks. Cut into cubes.

Cut the cucumber and crab meat into cubes as well.

IMG_0084IMG_0081Add the canned corn into a medium bowl, add cubed cucumber, egg whites and cold, cooled down rice. Mix.

On top of the ingredients add the sour cream and mayonnaise, sprinkle the salt. Mix them on top of the salad before mixing it into the salad. Or use a separate bowl to mix the “sauce”. I´m too lazy, I just mix it right then and there. When it´s all mixed, you can add the evaporated milk.

IMG_0092This salad is better when it has been sitting in the fridge for an hour or two. But if you are in a hurry it´s pretty good right once it´s done! If it needs more salt, add more salt!

I wish I could eat this right now but I can´t, I´m banned from eating rice 🙂

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