Poppy seed lemon cookies

IMGP8297I found this recipe from Ronit Penso´s blog. She is a professional chef and it´s always great to get recipes from the professionals, because you know they work.

I knew right then and there that I will bake these cookies when I saw the title of the blog post. She has a lot of very cool recipes. I think I fell in love with the recipe because of the poppy seeds. I have never cooked with poppy seeds before.

IMGP8241Here is the RECIPE with very good directions and images.

I found it very easy to make, although the dough needs to be in the freezer for one hour, so there is some waiting involved.

IMGP8274These cookies are great with tea and they are still good a week after I baked them. I guess it´s time to freeze the leftovers 😉

IMGP8289I must add that poppy seed cookies did not make it to my cookie top 10 list, not because they were bad but because there was poppy seeds stuck between my teeth afterwards. Although I really like everything “lemony” 🙂

And an important fact “No matter how many poppy seeds you eat you will not get high! 🙂

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