Product review: Ravioli roller

I bought my roller from Canada’s Baking and Sweets show”. Since we have done ravioli before (Egg Yolk Ravioli) and bought a few other gadgets before, I was pretty skeptical. It was only 20 dollars per rolling pin so I decided to give it a try, anything to make our ravioli making experience easier and faster!

IMG_9688Their website states : “The Ravioli Roller is easily the most simple, practical, easy to clean design seen in any pasta machine anywhere…and at the price you could grab a bunch as neat gifts for all your pasta loving friends…” and they are currently sold out 😉

This is just not only a ravioli cutter but also a rolling pin, so it’s really 2 in 1. It comes with step by step instructions and a few recipes but I already have my award winning ravioli recipe that I love to use so I used my own. We also wanted to make bow tie pasta but ran out of dough 🙂 Next time!

When the dough was all ready to work with we filled one half with spinach-ground beef-ricotta filling and egg washed the edges around the filling. Then covered the filling with the other half of the dough, we used the rolling pin to let the air out by rolling the rolling pin over the dough that was filled. It’s important to add some flour on top of the dough before you use the ravioli roller, otherwise it might stick. Now we pressed evenly on roller handles and rolled the entire length of the dough. And voila, our first 30 raviolis were done! And we loved this roller!

ravioli cSo easy, so simple and so practical, just like they advertise it! I was so happy!!! It gets 10 of 10 points from us!

We made 3 batches of ravioli that night! Some we ate for dinner and some we put in the freezer for future dinners.

IMG_9675IMG_9693If you love ravioli, this is the way to go, unless you own a kitchen aid ravioli maker, which is also in our shopping list for the future.

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