I’m sure you have allergies or somebody you know – husband, wife, mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandmother or some other relative or a friend. We have all heard of these horror stories that ended in the back of the ambulance or even death. I’ve been there. Allergies are very serious business.

The most common food allergies are peanuts, shellfish, milk, tree nuts, eggs, fish, soy and wheat. I’m “blessed” with bell peppers and honey allergies, among with a few small ones that I have decided to ignore. In my case symptoms of a bell pepper allergy present in minutes. The mild version is very itchy skin rash and/or hives, itchy ears and swelling lips (picture Angelina Jolie). The most severe reaction have been shortness of breath and swelling airways which needed medical staff’s attention. Not fun! Bell pepper allergy may not be common, but management is the same as for any food allergy.

peppersWhen the immune system identifies honey as a potentially harmful substance, antibodies are produced to fight it. In response, different symptoms are going to occur in the body – swelling tongue, watery eyes, itchy throat, hives, sneezing, runny nose. Anaphylactic shock, also possible. I have read so many articles that allergies to honey are a myth….I don’t think so!!! I can kinda prove it 🙂

IMGP8651This morning we went to a farmers market and I was very excited to have breakfast there, I’m usually very cautious and I always ask what’s in the food and send it back when I see peppers on my plate, even when I have mentioned to the staff that I am allergic. This morning I had to mention it to a staff member again. What did I see when I got my food??? Salad with peppers. He said “I just put a little bit”. What word of “I have bell peppers allergy” you didn’t understand??? I didn’t say that because it was a company that I have previously praised.

I said “I can’t take that, I’m allergic”. What does he do? He takes the 3 pieces of food items, one of them slightly covered with the red peppers salad, and transfers them to another plate. Don’t people in the food industry get an ‘allergies 101’? So disappointing. I ate a little bit because I really wanted to and here it was my reward of being brave. I got a mild reaction, only because I didn’t eat all the pieces still covered with little piece of peppers and its juice. I think everybody with allergies knows that annoying feeling when you’re so fed up (angry, tired, sad, disappointed etc) of telling people about your allergies and you’re tired of sending food back or even lecturing the kitchen staff about the seriousness. I could die! Is that not serious enough for you? I guess for that company it was not a problem. So sad, I really liked their food! Now, I don’t feel valued. And the only reason I’m not writing down the companies name is because I’m a very nice person and I don’t want trouble for anybody. But maybe I should? To prevent somebody else getting an allergic reaction if they are not paying attention?  What do you think? What would you do?

amblikI haven’t always been allergic, when I was younger I ate honey all the time, no problems. I “got it” when I was 23. I have a confession to make as well.  Before I was allergic I didn’t understand these allergic people and I thought they were just a bunch of whiners… I guess karma is a b*tch 🙂

 Are you allergic? Are you able to relate?


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2 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. You should send an email or speak to the manager to train their staff properly in the understanding of allergies. I hope you always keep and EPI Pen on hand. I had a co-worker that was allergic to shellfish and many a time I was worried I’d have to administer it to her, because she just couldn’t stay away from shellfish and she’d always get a reaction, no matter how little. Thanks for sharing as I knew you had a pepper allergy but the honey I didn’t know.

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