The Roncesvalles Polish Festival

The Roncesvalles Polish Festival is almost in our backyard and so there was no question if we’d go or not! Although it was so cold outside that I had packed my gloves and actually had to use them. Also I was forced to buy a hat during the festival, because it started to rain and was so windy. I just really don’t like to get sick! I mean who would, right?

RSP_5188RSP_5149The main foods when you think of Polish cuisine is pierogi and sausage, then sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, borscht, dill pickles and meat patties. This is everything I grew up with and have more/less blogged about. I made cabbage rolls on Tuesday and Rob asked if I was preparing for Polish Festival 🙂 But there were a lot of vendors at this festival who were not selling Polish foods and were not doing as well, no line ups, no interest. There were nice juicy ribs, Jamaican soup tent, fries and one of the many Toronto ice cream trucks.

RSP_5171 RSP_5172 RSP_5175When we got there we were astounded at how many people came out in this very cold and rainy day. Some still wearing t-shirts like it was so hard to let go of summer. I know, it is hard for me too, every year but I was fully armed for the cold weather! Our goal was to eat pierogies and sausages, and that’s what we did. I haven’t eaten pierogies for years now because when I came to Canada, that was all I ate and then got so sick of them I couldn’t even smell them. But I made an exception, and I’m glad I did. RSP_5176RSP_5185First stop – The Saucy Pierogi! I got mushroom and sauerkraut pierogies and Rob got sausage and potato pierogies. We each got 3 pieces and we traded. He got one of mine and I got one of his 🙂  They were both awesome, NO, they were amazing!  but I loved mine more. I knew I would! Now I love pierogies again, this place cured me 🙂 Now I can’t wait to go to Junction Farmers Market to buy some of their pierogies!!!

When we came home I started researching this place and I found out they are opening a pierogi place soon, says 2014. Yay! Please invite us to the opening ceremony 🙂  the saucy pierogi Next up I wanted a sausage but first had to walk these pierogies off 🙂 As we were approaching the Pierogi Pavilion, it started to rain but we were brave and stood there for our new patch of pierogies and sausage. 3 cheddar ones and 3 cottage cheese. I’m not sure if the dough was made differently or because the filling was different but these pierogies were not as delicious! I mean they were still good but just not like 10 out of 10. But the sausage was so so good!!!

RSP_5200I have tried to make pierogies myself, just one time with my friend but the dough wasn’t right and it took forever so I have never looked back with fondness and never tried again. I didn’t find them good, they were way less than good 🙂 Maybe it is time to try again? What do you think?

It’s a fantastic Festival, only the warmth and sun was missing this years party and we didn’t stick around any longer.

And now let’s count how many times I said “pierogi”  🙂

Next food festival…the TORONTO UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL.  I’m guessing there are going to be more pierogies on the menu.


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