Український фестиваль

Український фестиваль or Ukrainian festival, I hope I wrote that correctly 🙂

RSP_5221It feels wrong to party when these horrible events go on in Crimea. The latest in news is that Russia is striving to restore the Soviet Union and “eliminate” Ukraine”. I, myself grew up in Soviet Union and I feel absolutely disgusted and very sad about everything that goes on in Ukraine. I feel so bad for all Ukrainians and I hope and pray that Putin will not win this war.

There was a pretty big area for the Ukrainian events and anti – Putin messages. Also donation boxes and silent auctions.

IMG_20140914_123319 IMG_20140914_123332I think a lot of people did not feel like celebrating today because there were not a lot of people there or maybe they all went yesterday. Who knows. Overall, when I compare it to yesterdays Polish Festival, its magnitude was much smaller and more reserved. Not too much food, yesterday there was food everywhere you looked.

RSP_5212We tried some cabbage rolls, sauerkraut and pierogies today and we were so stuffed after that. Today we went with Natalie’s Kitchen cuisine 😉 We were hoping we had room for the saucy pierogies but unfortunately we had to pass on that!

breakfastOK, where do I begin my review on the food 🙂 After eating these yummy pierogies yesterday  I don’t think any other pierogi will be up to the task, so I wasn’t very impressed with them. They were potato and cheddar cheese. I guess it all depends what you put into them, that is what makes them delicious. Sauerkraut and mushrooms will be my favourite for a long time!

Sauerkraut was pretty good, Rob really liked it, but Rob isn’t European either 🙂  I wasn’t that impressed but it was semi good!

Cabbage rolls – honestly, I had such high expectations for them and it was such a letdown, for both of us. My cabbage rolls tasted so much better and I wasn’t expecting that. I guess there wasn’t much meat, too much rice and too little cabbage.

It was a nice sunny day, not like yesterday. We both enjoyed ourselves and I bought a nice top and a wonderful necklace from the festival!

RSP_5230As the summer is almost over, it will bring an end to all nice multi-cultural outdoor festivals. Thank you Toronto for being so welcoming to all nations.


2 thoughts on “Український фестиваль

    • Tomato sauce was on top of the cabbage rolls, not inside. I also think tomato sauce is not necessary but still when I made them last week I added it on top as well 🙂 Probably because I saw it in so many recipes…

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