Cooking challenges

So I will start off year number two with a rant because a one year old is already standing up, trying to walk and voice it’s opinions.

I have been taking part of these Chatelaine cooking club challenges for a year now, on and off. I haven’t won single time and I do think that my entries have been pretty good, composition wise, lighting and food decorating wise. I used to be super excited entering my submissions but then lost interest and did not participate for a few months. I ended my Chatelaine magazine subscription and forgot all about the Chatelaine challenges, then I heard rumors that these wins are fixed. I was so disappointed, I felt like somebody hit me while I was down. I switched to the Food Network food challenge and won the first time I entered. I was like WOW. I do win sometimes 🙂

Chatelaine*a few Chatelaine submissions

I happened to visit the Chatelaine website a few weeks back and saw a Pavlova recipe and felt like making it. I even ran to the store to get peaches, it was raining and wasn’t very pleasant outside but my willpower was so very strong. I entered my submission this time because the prize was a food processor and mine just broke…so I was hoping for better luck for me this time. But like usual, being lucky wasn’t in my cards. But the Pavlova was really really awesome, I did a great job 🙂

Does anyone know of any food challenges with food processors as the prize?  Have you taken part of challenges and never won?


This weekend is a Roncesvalles Polish Festival in Toronto and that is where I’m gonna be! On Saturday night, there is a big polka party! And it’s all free. I’ll meet you there?  Before planning your trip, check for road closures  



One thought on “Cooking challenges

  1. OMG Maiu it’s like we are on the same train of thought. I felt the same way with this Pavlova challenge. I worked my butt off and I didn’t even make it into the gallery… at least you did and I believe the contributors to this challenge has actually decreased as they have moved to a monthly challenge vs. weekly. I honestly thought I had an amazing picture and when showing them to friends there were like awesome and I did mine 3 ways lol. I felt snubbed and was kinda angry, because I have done this since the first challenge missing maybe two because the ingredients they called for weren’t available in Toronto (Rhubarb) and I was I thought come on one person won 2 times in one month. Then I thought to myself, who cares. We are going to do these challenges because we want to and they are new recipes to learn and make us more skilled. Our reward is learning a new recipe or technique and in most cases for us making the recipe much better when we add my own twist on it, because we don’t like following other recipes on the whole. So let’s continue doing it together and keep each enthused about this cooking club. Side note. I really hope they aren’t rigged because then I am a little disheartened.

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