Happy Birthday to torontocooks.com and ME

92 blog entries in one year! Not bad! This blog has lived through a few of my hair changes, this apparently happens a lot 🙂 There has been many meals that didn’t turn out and many of them that were so delicious I couldn’t stop eating. You know what I mean 🙂 There has been big gaps in cooking because I’ve been forced to diet because of all the good food I ate. There has been days when I had no inspiration at all. Days, when I just wanted to fry potatoes with salt, nothing fancy, just that 🙂 And there have been days when Rob takes over the kitchen and I can just chill on the sofa 😉


This blog entry is dedicated to all food bloggers, all my followers, my friends, who are almost always willing to test my cooking.  Huge thank you to my husband Rob, who is always forced to follow me with his camera. Sorry about the greasy fingerprints on your camera, honey. I borrowed it for few days 🙂 I tried to wipe them off but I made it worse 🙂

RSP_6950I´m so extremely happy I have been able to run this blog for one year and it´s still fun, interesting, educational and useful. I started this blog because I wanted to get rid of all my paper printed recipes. So that all my favourite recipes would be one click away. I´m always happy when people comment or ask how something turned out or even when I have made a mistake in either writing a recipe or leaving something out. It means this blog has been useful also to others,  and not only me. I wish I could invite you all over so I could bake hundreds of cakes for you, but unless I win a lottery, it´s not going to happen 🙂 So let´s hope for that.

blog taustI usually get very inspired going through other peoples blogs and of course Pinterest, it’s my favourite place for inspiration, so many incredible images! When I find something I like I print out the recipe and when I’m ready I will bring it with me to the kitchen 🙂

1I8A2146For the next year, my goal is to make a recipe book. Just for me, to have all my favourite recipes in one place and also for people who are interested in the same meals that I have on my blog plus maybe few more, that I haven’t posted. I will let you know for sure. I just really need to sit down and think which recipes I would like to use.

So Happy birthday to my blog again and thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to torontocooks.com and ME

  1. Babe, you are an inspiration yourself. And you look gorgeous. No need to diet! Looking forward to more of your creations!

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