Ground beef with braised cabbage

I recently realized that I haven´t posted a lot of Estonian dishes and as it happened very conveniently I just cooked something a few days ago and took pictures “just in case”. As a food blogger it´s habit to take pictures of everything you make. This was the meal I grew up on, basically we had ground beef based meals once per week. I guess it was the easiest for working parents to provide fast dinners.

RSP_4075If you like braised cabbage, you will like this dish. Easy to make, just takes some time and patients.

Makes 2 servings

Half a small cabbage

318 g ground beef

4 potatoes

salt, spices

butter for frying

Fry the ground beef. Add cabbage strips and 1/2 cup of water. Add salt, spices. Add more water (it evaporates during the braising process) if necessary. Check every 20 minutes so you won´t burn your dinner.

RSP_4060Braise (under the lid) in a medium low heat till the cabbage is semi soft (eatable). Took me an hour and twenty minutes.

RSP_4062Boil potatoes, and set aside to cool. It tastes better when potatoes are cold and the cabbage mixture is hot. That´s how I´m used to but feel free to serve with hot potatoes.

RSP_4067 You will know when the cabbage is ready, it will turn a little bit yellow and transparent.

You can also add onions or carrots. For all of you bacon lovers, feel free to add bacon 🙂

Let me know how you liked it!




4 thoughts on “Ground beef with braised cabbage

      • Oh try, they are easy! I made them at our summer house last summer and filled them with minced lamb meat, onion, herbs (don’t remember if there was anything else). I think traditionally in Finland you are supposed to add regular minced meat and rice, but I skipped the rice.

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