Food Truck Event

 #AwesTRUCK2014 preview event

495 Wellington St. W.

Saturday, August 30th, 12PM-8PM

I have always been fascinated with food trucks, I really love the idea. I am following them on twitter (@foodtrucksTO) and on Facebook (Food Truck Eats) so I’m always informed where they are. This event yesterday was a sneak peek at what’s in store at AwesTRUCK 2014 that will be held at Mississauga Celebration Square next weekend on September 5 & 6. But because Missisauga is too far of a hike for us, we decided on going to the preview event. And we were not disappointed. Well I was a little disappointed but it was because of my allergies, that I couldn’t have everything I wanted on their menus…

2 collageWe got there at 12 pm when they started to serve food, so it was pretty empty at that time. We were happy about that because there were no line ups. Yay!  One food truck was closed, it said “sold out” 🙂 Pretty funny! It was still closed when we left.

first collageI really wanted to try Frankie’s Fettuccine from Frankie’s Fettuccine food truck but it contained peppers so I just couldn’t, that broke my heart. I picked that out at home already.  So I decided to get Arancini rice balls instead (my rice balls), that I have made myself and Cannoli, it’s an Italian pastry dessert. I liked the rice balls very much, although mine were better 🙂 And I found the cannoli pastry to be too hard, I guess I like it fresh, not pre-made.

Most of the food trucks had some spicy foods and I didn’t want to risk it with my allergies so rice balls were a pretty safe bet! Rob got a burger from Burgatory which he said was amazing, 5 out of 5. And the fries where the best ever! I tried the fries as well and I have to agree, Burgatory makes the best fries ever!!! So fresh, so tasty and they sprinkle it with Parmesan. Heaven, I tell you 🙂  We will surely hunt down this food truck again and I would like to try the burger and have more fries 🙂

3 collageSince the sun was blasting and there was no shade anywhere in that parking lot, we decided to cross the street and eat our brunch at the near by park. When done, we were pretty full but went back for a second round, just in case we wanted to try something else. Our final decision was that we don’t have any room for any other food and we left.

foodI love the food truck events. They’re so much fun. I think food trucks should circle around like ice-cream trucks, especially at dinner time or when people are coming from work and are too tired to cook for dinner 🙂 They could have a schedule for every day of the week, which area they are coming to so we people can count on having the dinner from a food truck! Good idea? What do you think?

Food trucks at the event:

Hollywood Cone

Curbalicious Food Truck

Menu Food Truck

Frankie Fettuccine


Chimney Stax

Buster’s Sea Cove


Blue Donkey Streatery

Localista Food Truck

Fidel Gastro’s

Rancho Relaxo

Caribbean Provision On da Go

Fresh Fruit Cholados

TorontoCooks now on Instagram




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