Taste of the Danforth

Greektown Taste of the Danforth

 When: August 8 – 10, 2014


 RSP_3095The Taste of the Danforth is a yearly festival held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Greektown area along Danforth Avenue between Broadview and Greenwood subway stops. The festival celebrates the multicultural diversity of Toronto. From mouth-watering Greek cuisine to Thai and Indian alongside with great music and performances. Some of the food places also handed out food samples. That´s how I fell in love with Nature´s Path, Dark chocolate chip granola bars.
RSP_3035This was my first time to attend this festival. Several blocks of Danforth avenue is closed during the festival and there is no admission, although you want to bring cash. Festival grounds can get very busy, especially on the weekend afternoons so if you are not a fan of crowds you might want to come early. That´s what we did and we didn´t have to fight the crowds to get some good pictures. Also we were lucky enough not to have huge line ups that formed later on.
RSP_3082We saw a lots of options for souvlaki/kebab skewers, also filled pitas, grilled corn, pierogies. For the first time I saw grilled pineapples with brown sugar and cinnamon. It would be interesting to try this at home!
IMG_0003All the vendors/participants were so friendly and ready to pose for us!
RSP_3059RSP_3079We came with an empty stomach so we can eat as much as we could 🙂 I had a pork kebab for breakfast. Rob had a lobster and shrimp taco and few samosas. I also tried a frozen avocado pop, it was very interesting. The coconut taste bothered me a little bit but overall I loved it! I got a lot of attention walking around with my avocado pop because everybody was wondering what that was and where to get it 🙂
We walked from one end to the other in 51 minutes, so it doesn´t really take that much time, when you’re not fighting the crowds. We walked all the way back, just to be sure we didn´t miss anything. Overall it was a fun experience, we loved it. I will go again next year, for sure! So save the date for next year 🙂 Dates are yet to be announced but probably the second weekend in August! 

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