Review: Restaurant with the best view

When tourists come to Toronto, the first thing for most of them to visit is the CN Tower. The awesome view from there is just incredible. I did that too when I first came to Toronto. But to have lunch or dinner there is a bit costly and I haven’t done it yet, although the pictures and the menu on their website look absolutely awesome! I must go in the near future.

RSP_2940_1Anyways, I had a birthday couple of weeks ago and I found this awesome place where to have drinks and snacks – Panorama Lounge. It’s at the top of the Manulife Centre building (55 Bloor Steet West) on the 51st floor. I suggest this place to all tourists who don’t want to stand in line for the CN Tower. Tourists who want to do/see something different than the usual hot spots. Of course I suggest it also to the people who live here 🙂  Before you go, it’s wise to make a reservation. I need to warn you – the elevator up is a bit scary 🙂 It felt like it was hanging on a thread, a thin thread 🙂

RSP_2932It’s the highest patio in Canada, and open from April through October. It can be very windy up there but on a nice sunny day, it is very nice to sit outside or so I’ve heard. Unfortunately we had a cloudy and rainy day so after ordering our drinks, we went inside.

IMGP8340 IMGP8349For me, the menu did not contain anything eye catching, the picky eater I am. So I went with cheese sampler and Rob ordered a Lobster mac and cheese. Sounds nothing special, right, and it wasn’t! Cheese,  I loved of course but the mac and cheese, not that much.

IMGP8341 IMGP8346Well, I mean, you don’t go to Panorama Lounge (or places similar) for food, you’ll go there to chill with your friends, have a romantic evening, have few drinks. I think that’s what lounge means, that it’s mainly for drinks and relaxation. And you can definitely relax there. IMG_20140729_174748lounge (laʊndʒ)


1. (intr; often foll by about or around) to sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner
2. to pass (time) lazily or idly
I passed on the dessert because I had to wait too long to order. Let’s say I had time to reconsider.

But the view is gorgeous and on a great non cloudy evening you get an absolutely the best shot of the Toronto skyline.



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