Review: Starving Artist


address: 584 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, Canada

(near Lansdowne subway station)

HOURS:   Monday – Sunday   9am – 6pm

IMGP8182We live very close by to Starving Artist and I have walked but that place a thousand times at least.  On the weekends there is always a massive line-up and by massive I mean 20 people or so. Tons of people who want waffles. I always wondered why are they lining up to get breakfast, is the food there really very awesomely good? You would think the same, right? Would you stand in line to get breakfast/lunch or dinner?

So we finally picked a nice Friday morning to go to Starving Artist, the waffles place, because I was interested in trying their waffles. And I was expecting awesomely great waffles, of course.

We were welcomed by a nice waitress and we got our waffles menus.

IMGP8186I picked waffle grilled cheese with tomato and bacon because I’m a huge grilled cheese fan. Rob ordered B. Benny – 2 potato waffles topped with poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce. Usually I would pick the same but we wanted different meals and we would share for testing purposes.

IMGP8193We also got two coffees and waitress brought out a big bottle of water. That was very nice. The wait wasn’t too long because there was only one couple beside us, so not too many people on the weekday morning. We sat on the patio because it was a very nice morning, there was approximately 14 seats outside.

IMGP8184Coffee reminded us of Paris where you get your thimble sized coffee 🙂 Meaning it was very small. Later I noticed that we could of also gotten a coffee to go with much larger cups. Oh well…

We were very impressed how the waffles looked like. Rob’s breakfast looked especially tasty! So this was my breakfast – grilled cheese waffles with bacon and tomato. You would think that you can easily fit these 4 waffles in your tummy but I had real trouble eating the second one because I was already so full. I wonder if I could of just ordered one, instead of two…..

IMGP8198 IMGP8200If I’d known that the bacon was done with brown sugar I would of not asked them to add bacon. I think there are some things in the world that should stay salty and one of them is bacon. Of course, you may not agree with me and that’s fine. I mean when I was a kid I thought rye bread with strawberry jam was the greatest treat ever 🙂

My score to the waffles….I like waffles but I guess this bacon just ruined the experience a little bit so I would give 3.5 out of 5. Waffles tasted like waffles should taste, no secret recipe there.

Rob absolutely loved his potato waffles.He didn’t like my waffles, also because of the sweet bacon.  Thank you, Rob 🙂

IMGP8205His bacon was not sweet so I don’t know how I got the sweet one 🙂 I also tasted Rob’s waffles but honestly I wasn’t too impressed either.  It was pretty much crusted mashed potatoes. But Rob loves his mashed potatoes and even better when they are crusted 🙂 So he hit a jackpot there. He would give 5 our of 5 to Starving Artist waffles. But he is not fussy about his food, like I am.

We both came to a conclusion that we wouldn’t stay in line for these waffles. Well we wouldn’t stay in any lines actually, other than Tim Horton’s coffee. So Canadian 🙂

* If I had to review their washroom, then they would get like a minus hundred (but it’s not a washroom review so I kept this out of my score)! So keep that in mind, ladies 🙂

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