Memories of Paris

Funny thing with the internet and writing a blog is that you need to remember your password. But when you have so many passwords, and they are all so different, you simply can’t remember them all. That’s what happened to me.  I could not access my very own blog while overseas  🙂

I did promise to post and take a lot of pictures but 2 days before my trip I got this really really bad cough 😦 and I was on medication almost the entire trip and did not take as much pictures as I would of wanted to.

I will share a few pictures that we took from Paris 😉

RSP_9504We did not come across too many macaroon shops. This display window caught my eye the most, and of course I had to get few.

RSP_9508Wouldn’t you just want to eat pastries all day long 🙂 I mean they all look so inviting.

IMG_0533IMG_0620This was the best crepe that I have ever tasted, ham and cheese with fried egg on top. Amazing! My plan is to recreate it at home!

IMG_0561Interesting looking tomatoes that we saw everywhere. Wow. I have never seen these cool shaped tomatoes here in Toronto.

IMG_0571Soup in a bottle. I thought it was very cute!

Despite my horrible cough, we had a wonderful time exploring the streets of Paris, and almost 2 weeks later, I feel better but still need to figure out the source of my cough.


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