Bibimbap my way

The other day I bought bean sprouts and snow peas and I wanted to do something Korean. I put 2 of these into the google search and that’s what I got – Bibimbap. Interesting I thought and shared my discovery with Rob. He said “So that’s what that is….I’ve seen it on menus”. And so it was decided. Bibimbap for dinner!

edit-1Bibimbap is mixed rice/noodles with meat and assorted vegetables, so you can make your own, using whatever meat and vegetables you like! It will take a lot of time to make, that’s for sure. I was at it for few hours since there is so many ingredients 🙂

I cooked up some rice, beef with pad thai sauce RECIPE, snow peas, carrots, Swiss chard with mixed greens, bean sprouts and mushrooms.

I didn’t really write down any quantities or followed any recipes for it so I think you can do the same, this dish is all about being creative!

Basically I washed my veggies-bean sprouts, snow peas, mixed greens, cut the carrots and fried them all up in a separate frying pan. I did not have enough pans for all of the ingredients 🙂 so I put the vegetables that were done into the oven (200 F) to stay warm.

edit-2edit-3edit-4edit-5Add salt/spices to your vegetables if you like. I only added a bit of salt. A little bit of garlic to snow peas to add some flavor.

Fried the beef up with onions and added the Pad Thai sauce, let it simmer for 25-30 minutes to be sure the meat is nice and tender.

edit-6This was our first try at Bibimbap and we absolutely loved it! Especially the way you serve it. We enjoyed it very much!

Also this was the first time for me to eat snow peas! I will for sure eat them again! In fact last night I prepared a “leftover” bibimbap 🙂

LeftoversI used chicken, rice noodles, snow peas/carrots, red cabbage slaw and fried an egg on top like you suppose to but forgot the first time 😀



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