Memories of home

There is a place in Toronto that is like no place else, that reminds me of back home.  Actually not the place itself, but I can find food there that I cannot in regular Canadian grocery stores, like good sauerkraut, pickle, European pressed cottage cheese or I say kohupiim (in Estonian) which is not like your regular cottage cheese that you can buy from a random grocery store.


The place is called Benna’s Bakery and Deli

Location: 135 Ronchesvalles Avenue, Toronto

How to get there:  504 streetcar

It’s a Polish deli that I can always count on, although they don’t have the real rye bread I would like. But, no problem.



I don’t go there every weekend, maybe once in every 2 months and I always buy sauerkraut and cottage cheese. I will post a very yummy recipe with it soon! So you can try it as well. For all of you sweet lovers – it’s a very awesome tasty cake 🙂 And their fresh pickles in brine are awesome. Oh and the meat counter…..


Sauerkraut is for my sauerkraut soup of course. Unless it’s Christmas, then I steam it and eat it with blood sausage, meat jello and potatoes 😉


Rob was very excited to find St Albert cheese from there. Over the moon, I would say 🙂  It reminds him his childhood, he grew up with this cheese. It’s a little taste of back home for him! So of course we had to get some 😉 We love cheese so no problem! We even visited St Albert cheese factory few years ago.


Also Rob is a big fan of pierogis/dumplings 🙂

I’m not a big fan of sweets but these images are for all of you, who own a sweet tooth 🙂  These cookies are awesome btw….



This was my dessert when I was a kid – fruits in syrup 😉


Little piece of heaven – Cottage cheese. Stay tuned for a great recipe. And be sure to visit this store. It’s great!

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