The Bricco – review

The-BriccoAfter watching one of the Master Chef Canada episodes and seeing the pressure test where they had to prepare a perfect Egg Yolk Raviolo I tweeted the following:

” Anyone know where I can find a good Egg Yolk Raviolo (Uova da Raviolo) in #Toronto #restaurant #ravioli #Italian #raviolo “

And I got a reply within minutes and I was super grateful: “Try Bricco in the Junction. They had an egg yolk raviolo that was delicious last week”

So I waited for a week (after my surgery) and we picked an International Women´s Day to go. It´s a very special treat to have.

The Bricco is located 3047 Dundas St. W, Toronto.

We had to book a table in advance and in the reply it said that we got the last table so we were very happy.

They open at 5pm, we got there 10 minutes before and we were the first customers there for a long time, when we left, there was total 4 parties so we were wondering how this booking works.

The other surprise we got was that the Egg Yolk Ravioli was not on the menu but when we asked they were very happy to serve them to us. We were so excited!!! 😉Raviolo-1Ravioli was ready within 7 minutes, like wow! And they tasted absolutely awesome and the egg yolk was PERFECT! Egg yolk suppose to be runny and it was. AMAZING! I suggest this place to anyone.

Raviolo-2Rob thought we should order a main meal as well so we did, although I was full from the 2 delicious masterpieces 🙂 I ordered Homemade Tagliatelle with tomato and basil and Rob got Bison tenderloin with carrots and mashed. Rob finished his meal and was very happy with his dinner. I, the other-hand should of ordered something more special and I was already so full that I just could not eat much so we took mine to go.BisonTagliatelleDon’t get me wrong it was very good and it tasted like the one I make at home, this says a lot, I love the food that I make 🙂 I mean it’s not very difficult to make tomato-basil sauce. So Rob did the right thing, I honestly have never done bison meat at home. I haven’t even thought about it.

We are going back for sure – for Egg Yolk Ravioli 😉 The best thing I have ever tasted! And I’m very picky with my food!

One serving of Egg Yolk Ravioli was 23 CAD. So worth it! You can’t put a price tag on this dish! I’m still so amazed how tasty it was!

Oh…one more thing – I loved their dishes – wonderful serving plates!

*Ravioliplural; singular- raviolo

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