Swiss Chalet review

I had a gum surgery on Saturday night so now I can only dream of good solid food 🙂 Right now I can just have smoothies, soups, broths etc. So I find this the best time to write about my favourite restaurant food.

We don´t go to Swiss Chalet because of their good service (last time we waited 30 minutes for our drinks and the place wasn´t even packed) or the cleanest tables. We go there because they have the most awesome ribs on the planet 🙂 We are usually at Swiss Chalet, enjoying their juicy ribs, for most our big celebrations, like my 30th birthday with my parents. edit-1I mean it when I say I will only go there for ribs, not for the bun, coleslaw or any other sides. I mean, no offense, but they don´t serve the best coleslaw in there 😉

edit-2So when we order in, I customize my dinner – I add my own sides, like avocado and red cabbage coleslaw.

20140227_200152_LLS20140227_200528_LLSIf you know a better place for ribs in Toronto, please do let me know 😉

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