Baked doughnuts

You can blame this entry on boredom, because there was so much snow outside and I felt stranded. So I started baking 🙂

DONUTSAt first when I saw that these donuts will take 3 hours to make I thought of passing on this Chatelaine cooking challenge, I guess I need to be thankful for the weather. Yay for the Canadian weather this year. It’s for staying in, cooking and eating, I don’t even want to start counting the calories 🙂

Baked Doughnuts recipe

I had hard time with the yeast, it didn’t want to foam, boiled them milk 3 times and then used a new package of yeast. And if that didn’t foam I just crossed my fingers that it will rise anyways. And it did. I was so thankful 🙂

donuts1The confusing part for me was that there are different temperatures for the yeast – 100-110 F or 120-130 F. So I tried both, first if the 110 F didn’t work I used new milk and tried 130F. And like I said neither of them foamed.

After that everything was fun. The dough was so easy to work with, I just loved it. I did 2 batches. One batch of just donuts and the other one with little bit bigger donuts plus I braided a cheddar cheese bread, cut some cubes of cheese and added them to the dough. Also I egg washed the second batch. donuts2The glaze that I did was the best ever although I’m not a big fan of sprinkles. Donuts (or bagels) came out so soft and awesome!!!

donuts3Inspired by Olympics. Canadians have done awesome job at Sochi! Go Canada!

Notes: I didn’t use a stand mixer, everything was done by hand.

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