Beet lasagna

My next year resolution is that I won´t waste as much food as I did this year! I will use more food from the pantry and plan our meals for the week before doing groceries.

Tonight I kinda started with it, we had 3 leftover beets and half a can of evaporated milk in the fridge, also ground beef and found a few lasagna noodles. Also we had cheese and onions. So I decided to make beet lasagna.

Never done it before! I remember reading it about from some magazine but can’t really remember right now. I didn’t use a recipe, I made one up.2013-12-30 22.17.20

Maiu Beet Lasagna

500 g ground beef

3 beets

1 onion

6 lasagna noodles (I made a small patch, 2 layers)

0,5 can evaporated milk

500 ml  milk

2 tblsp flour

200 g cheese

salt, seasoning

Boil beets and grade them, add salt, pepper or whatever spices you like. I had leftovers from the beet salad so I didn’t have to boil them which saved me a few hours.

Fry up onions with ground beef, season.

Mix together evaporated milk, 2% milk (or whatever you prefer) and flour. When ground beef is ready add milk mixture to it and simmer on medium for about 7 minutes (just like making a sauce). If you think it came too thick, add more milk. You can also do half milk/half water. ground-beefI also fried up few potatoes for back-up, in case the lasagna didn’t turn out delishh 🙂 But we didn’t need them!

Now everything is ready – start layering, first noodles, then ground beef sauce, then beets and repeat! Add cheese between the layers and on top.first-layerbetween-layersPut it in the oven 400 F for 45 minutes.

This is the easiest lasagna that I have ever made. It was great! Next time I think I will add mushrooms as well. The top was nice and crisp, I loved it! 2013-12-30 22.16.45Because I can 🙂

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