Making meat jello

You need to spare more than a few hours to make MEAT JELLO, Estonian SÜLT. Also known as ASPIC or HEAD CHEESE. You may have never heard of it or maybe you have seen it and did not want to taste it, but I’m sure after making it yourself, just like you would like it, you’ll love it. That is what happened with Rob! A Canadian who now likes Estonian sült!IMG_8660I started boiling the meat at 4.30pm and was done with everything at 8.45pm. Of course, I would of been done 15 minutes earlier but I forgot to boil the carrots and that´s why it took a bit longer. So you’ll need 4 hours.

You will need:

1,5 pigs feet for natural gelatin

2,25 pounds (1kg)  of pork loin boneless roast (I also gave some for my dog after boiling)

*You can always use pork with bone-in but I find it easier to just use boneless

1 onion

7 mini carrots

2 small bags of gelatine *if you’re scared it won’t set, add 1-2 more pkg

saltedited-1First wash the pigs feet and put them into a small pot, bring the water to a boil and let them boil for couple of minutes, for cleaning purposes.

Put 3,5 liters of water into a big pot, add the pigs feet, 2,25 lbs of meat and a whole onion. Simmer on low heat until the meat is tender (takes about 3-4 hours).

edited-2Continuously skim the foam or “scum” from the top, as soon as it forms. That’s what my mother used to do when I watched her make this every Christmas. She said the foam is dirt from meat. Some say it’s a myth but it always makes my meat jello with nice and clear stock.  So I keep on doing it.

edited-4Take the meat and pigs feet out when the meat is tender. I don’t use pigs feet or an onion after, just throw them away. My grandmother used to also cut the pigs feet into the meat jello. It all depends what you like but that wasn’t what I liked, sorry grandma.

Mix 2 packages of gelatin with 1/2 cup of warm water (1pkg – 1/4 cup water), I used the broth from the pot. And add it to the stock.

You can now take the pot off the heat!

Then using 2 forks pull the meat apart and put it back into the pot.edited-5Put it into little bowls (10 – 250ml )and let it cool down to room temperature. Put it into the fridge for overnight. They’ll be nice and set for the next morning.

Serve it with hot boiled potatoes and sauerkraut/salad.

I can not imagine Christmas without my sült 😉

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