Old fashion sugar cookies and lot´s of fun

Decorating cookies is always so much fun! This time we played with fondant and edible markers!  That made our cookies even more interesting than just with icing! Although we did have icing as well – white, green and red icing using food colouring, icing sugar and hot water.

It wasn´t a planned event, just had a thought and we did it. Thank god Dollarama is so close to us that we got to run out and get few Xmas cookie cutters – snowman, gift and a star! I loved the snowman the most because after they came from the oven you couldn´t even tell that the present was a present 🙂 But the snowman I could fix with a fondant! edited-1You can use whatever sugar cookie recipe you have. Here´s one – Sugar cookies  . You probably have one saved already, the best one, that always comes out perfectly! And not too many ingredients needed, basically – sugar, flour, eggs. Easy!

edited-2Of course I couldn´t do sugar cookies without using my high heel cookie cutter! I love it! We didn´t have a ginger bread man cookie cutters so I had to cut it out with a knife. When it came out from the oven it resembled more a flower than a man 🙂 So one of them I converted into a flower 😉

When the cookies came from the oven, it was time to decorate and I rolled out some pink and white fondant! I love fondant, makes everything so pretty.   edited-3While Rob was decorating the Xmas tree cookie, I made two adorable snowmen and few shoes 😉

edited-4And we had a little fun with it!

For the next few weeks I will be making more cookies and then submitting all these cookie pictures to Chatelaine´s cookie challenge. I haven´t taken part in the last 2 challenges because I was sick. But now I´m back in business and ready to bake´n roll 🙂

4 thoughts on “Old fashion sugar cookies and lot´s of fun

  1. Hi, to me it looks like this was indeed a family project. You are really artisitc. I’m lucky if I get the colored sugar on the cookies instead of on the floor or the counter top. LOL. Thank you for using my link to one of my recipes. God Bless you. I hope you have a beaufitul Christmas. 🙂 sle

  2. Thanks a lot, Sharon! What a lovely comment!

    It was a fun family event! And we got plenty of “stuff” on the floor, just didn’t share the pictures of the floor 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Maiu and Rob

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