Very simple sandwich cake

I haven’t done a sandwich cake since our wedding reception, almost 4 years ago. I really can’t even remember making it due to the fact that I was too stressed and too busy to eat for like a week before the wedding. Shotgun wedding, that is how I would describe our big day. We wanted to get married and we didn’t want to wait, so all the planning (well there wasn’t too much of that either) had to take place in 2 months 😉 To think back we should of just gone to city hall and then went for a nice dinner 🙂 But hey, we can’t change the past, can we?

Anyways, today I wanted to make one, but an easy one, not too fancy, didn’t wanna spend too much money on it and I wanted it to taste good 🙂 Was it too much to ask….I don’t think so! Good thing is  that you can pretty much go with what you like, no rules, no real recipe. Just mix stuff up!

For the base mixture I used canned ham (2 cans, both 156g), greek yogurt (4 tablespoonfuls + added 2 spoonfuls for the top layer, after the 2 layers were done), cream cheese (125g) and miracle whip (about 100 ml).  Of course we need bread (12 slices) and I also used salami, cucumber, tomato, cheese and eggs.edit-1For the topping and layering I used 1 tomato, half a small cucumber, 2 eggs and 8 slices of salami.

It’s very simple, just layer the bread and your mixture. In between first and the second layer I added tomatoes and in between second and third I added salami. On top layer I used tomato, cucumber, cheese and sprinkled a bit of egg yolk. And covered the sides with egg slices.  edit-2Keep in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving IF you can wait that long.edit-3I didn’t put too much effort into decorating because I was very hungry! But you can let your imagination go wild! It tasted very good!

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