Broccoli cheese soup

edited-3I’m still pretty new to this WordPress blog community, I learn something new every day! A while back Anjali liked one of my blog posts and I clicked on that little avatar image. That’s how I discovered this awesome broccoli and cheese soup. As soon as I saw the picture of that soup (not even a taste) I knew I had to make it. It looked absolutely delicious!

As a complete opposite of Anjali’s story, I’m the one who needs a little push to make vegetable soups or a lot of steamed veggie foods. Two years ago I could not even eat steamed veggies. I liked mine fried up with butter, that´s the way I was used to. When Rob made me a squash soup or suggested to make a carrot soup, I made faces 🙂 But lately I have done a 360 and I love steamed veggies and I eat healthier and I want to try different veggie soups.

I finally had the time to make it. Not that it is time consuming but, I had so many other recipes piled up that I wanted to make as well. When I see a recipe that I really like, I print it out and clip it to my fridge magnet so there is always a stack of recipes 🙂

You will see the recipe on Anjali´s blog – RECIPE.

blogIt was a very good soup, although I wouldn´t do it every week BUT I would  definitely do it again!  PS. Rob loved it.

Thanks, Anjali!

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