PIZZA – healthy or not?

There´s always two sides of every story/opinion.  I personally have never considered pizza as a health food or something you should eat often, it´s more of a “reward” food or when you´re in a hurry, you´ll grab a slice of pizza. For me it equals with McDonald’s burger. Which I also eat sometimes. I haven´t really banned myself from any foods.

When Chatelaine´s cooking club announced that the new challenge was pizza, I almost did not want to take part of it but I guess my competitive nature took over and we still entered! A pizza! Healthier one!

We used pita bread as our crust, instead of pizza dough. That was the first time we´ve done it and it was awesome! Just the right amount of bread and the perfect crustiness 😉 The pizza that we entered was my creation, I used salami, tomato, olives, spinach and cheese of course 😉


This is Rob´s pizza an it looks great!!!  pizza-pizza-pizza

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