Red Lobster Review

A few weeks ago, after a long semi-successful day of shopping, I suggested Red Lobster on Dufferin to Maiu for dinner because it was on our way home.  Semi-successful due to the fact that  although we did find a lot of things we were not looking for, we didn’t find anything we were looking for.  Funny how that works out.
This brings us to our first restaurant review.  We will have a a few of these here because we can’t be at home cooking 24/7.

Since this was an unplanned visit, there was roughly a 20 minute wait to get a table.  Luckily next door was a FabricLand store calling Maiu’s name.  While she spent those 20 minutes gathering supplies for her next big sewing project, I was waiting patiently at the small but cozy bar enjoying a pint of Keith’s and catching up on local news.

On our way to our table we can’t help but notice the smell of seafood and garlic.  Aaah.  So nice.  The entire restaurant is classically decorated in a maritime theme.  How I miss the east coast.  Once seated at our table, we were waited on by a very friendly and helpful Chris.  There were so many choices for dinner, but on this day it seemed that everything we were in the mood for was not packaged together as a Combo.  Chris was extremely helpful in building our custom Combo.  Imagine Tetris with a menu.  This is what he did.

If you’re not familiar with Red Lobster, the first thing to always show up at your table is the best biscuits on the planet (well, 2nd best next to the ones Maiu makes).  I would go visit just for the biscuits.  SERIOUSLY!!!

20131020_161826Next up was our Ceasar Salad.  Now, this is always a special treat because of the thin slices of Parmesan cheese they use.  Not grated.  Not shredded.  Sliced.  Perfect.  Delish!  Croutons were a on the dry side, but hey, the cheese more than made up for this.


Now for the main event.  Maiu went with a lobster tail, Walt’s Favourite Shrimp and shrimp linguini Alfredo.  I must admit that I had a taste of that linguini when she wasn’t looking, and it was damn good.  This was Maiu’s first ‘lobster experience’ and she couldn’t bring herself to eat the lobster from her plate.  I’ll bet the lobsters sitting in the tank at the front of the restaurant got to her.  No loss though, it made it home and I had a great lunch the next day.


I went with the lobster tail, garlic shrimp and even more shrimp.  Seeing a pattern here?  I’m big fan of shrimp and I was NOT disappointed.


The food and service was excellent.  We’ll be back next time we’re in the neighbourhood.  If you plan on going I would suggest calling in advance to make a reservation.  We visited the 3200 Dufferin Street, Toronto location.  When you’re there, tell Chris that Toronto Cooks says hi.

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